About Us

Malawi Airlines Limited is the national flag carrier of Malawi. It is a registered partnership company with shareholding between Malawi Government (51%) and Ethiopian Airlines (49%). Malawi Airlines operates B737-700 and Q400 Aircrafts with direct flights to regional cities of Johannesburg, Lusaka, Harare and Dar es Salaam, besides domestic flights between Lilongwe and Blantyre. The Airline offers warm and friendly services to make customers feel at home. In addition to promoting the image of Malawi, through its activities, the airline is playing vital role in the economic growth by facilitating access for tourism, investment, enhancing trade and generates and save hard currency for the country. With its excellent on-time performance, baggage handling services and in-flight services, Malawi Airlines provides value for money services to all destinations it operates.


To be the most competitive and leading Airline in the region by providing safe, market-driven and customer focused passenger and air cargo transport.


To become the leading Airline of choice in the region by providing safe and reliable passenger and cargo transport with quality and price which is always better than its competitors; the Airline which contributes positively to socio-economic development of Malawi and the region by undertaking its corporate social responsibilities and providing vital regional air connectivity.


Brief History

Malawi Airlines was established in July 2013. It was first called Malawian Airlines until September, 2016 when the name changed to Malawi Airlines. The Airline started its operations in January 2014 with domestic flights between Blantyre and Lilongwe. International flights were launched in February 2013 with Harare route (3 February, 2014) and later Johannesburg route (17 February, 2014), and Dar es Salaam on February 18 2014. On 29th March, 2017 Malawi Airlines commenced flights to Nairobi in Kenya.

Malawi Airlines is known for its on-time performance and friendly in-flight services that allow our passengers experience the warmth that makes Malawi the Warm Heart of Africa.