1. At any embarkation or intermediary point, the Carrier may, for security and/or safety reasons, refuse to carry as Baggage the items referred to in paragraph above, or to refuse to continue carrying them, if they are discovered during the journey.
  2. The Carrier may refuse to carry any item as Baggage due to its dimensions, form, weight, content, configuration, nature or its unpleasant odour or for operating, security/safety reasons or to preserve the comfort and convenience of Passengers. Information on this type of Baggage is available upon request.
  3. The Carrier may refuse to carry Baggage that it reasonably considers be poorly packing or placing in unsuitable containers. Information on packing and unsuitable containers is available upon request.
  4. The Carrier may refuse to carry Baggage, if the Passenger does not pay the fare for the excess baggage as determined in paragraph 2 of this article.
  5. If the Carrier refuses to carry Baggage in any of the circumstances set forth in paragraph 4 of this article, the Carrier has no obligation to take custody of such refused Baggage or items. If the Carrier were to take custody thereof, the Carrier is not liable for loss of or damage to such Baggage or items.