The price of a ticket includes the transportation of a certain amount of baggage in the cargo hold of the aircraft. This allowance differs depending on the booking class and the destination.

Free baggage allowance on all other international routes and within Malawi
On Malawi Airlines free baggage allowance is set by the weight or piece concept whichever is applicable to the sector.

Local restrictions on baggage weight
Please note that the maximum weight limit per single baggage is 32 kg for business class and 23 kg for economy class on all flights across the Atlantic (outbound and return, as well as transfers). Baggage exceeding this weight limit will not be accepted for check- in. This regulation does not change the maximum weight limit for the free baggage allowance. Please note that the where there is equipment downgrade to a Q-400, particularly on our Johannesburg route, the free baggage allowance per passenger will be 01 piece of maximum 30kgs.

Cabin Carry-On Luggage
Additional baggage fees may apply in the event of a stopover on an international itinerary.

Transportation of pushchairs, wheelchairs or walking aids
  1. Special equipments required by incapacitated passengers with the passenger, and/or should be readily and immediately attainable at transfer and destination points.
  2. Passengers traveling with their own folding wheelchair or assistive device may request it to be carried in the passenger cabin where storage facilities are available. Such request will be handled on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Where such facilities do not exist, the wheelchair or assistive device will be loaded in the baggage hold where it is easily accessible for timely return to the passenger.
  3. If crutches, canes and similar walking aids are stored in a special location in the cabin, the user of such aids should be assigned seats nearby, to permit quick access to the aids when needed.
Especially large and heavy pieces of baggage
  1. Baggage will be accepted for check-in, only if it properly contains and prevents damage to the contents. Light cardboard boxes, paper bags and similar non-durable materials are not acceptable. If the passenger so insists, it shall be accepted upon using Limited Release Tags, relieving Malawi Airlines from any damage claim.
  2. Acceptance of items which may cause damage to other baggage will be refused unless properly packed.
  3. Extremely bulky and oversized bags shall be forwarded by freight.
Free baggage allowance for an infant
A. Weight System
An infant, not entitled to a seat is allowed to 10kgs of free baggage allowance and in addition one fully collapsible stroller/push chair, which may be carried in the passenger cabin subject to availability of space.
B. Piece System
Infant, paying 10% of the applicable fare and not occupying seat is entitled to one checked bag (piece) weighing 10kgs,the sum of the 3 dimensions of which does not exceed 45 inches (115cms) plus one fully collapsible / pushchair, which may be carried in the passenger cabin subject to availability of space.