Baggage Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled several frequently asked questions and our answers regarding "Baggage" on this page.

What should I take along on my journey?

In a quiet moment write down your own personal check list that you can go through whenever you pack for your next trip. We recommend a check list for every type of journey you do regularly: Business trips, long distance flights, short breaks etc.

How much baggage am I allowed to take free of charge?

Malawian Airlines transports a certain amount of checked in baggage (free baggage allowance) and hand baggage free of charge. These amounts may vary depending on the route, booking class, Miles & More status etc. You will find more back-ground information on our Free baggage allowance and Carry-on baggage pages.

What happens with excess baggage or special baggage?

If you exceed the free baggage allowance or if you take along particularly bulky or damageable baggage (bicycles, surf and snowboards, skis, large musical instruments, wardrobe trunks etc.) you may have to pay an additional fee and register your baggage with us prior to your departure. Please check on our Excess and special baggages page for more information.

What may I take on board as carry-on baggage?

Not only the amount but also the content of your carry-on baggage has to comply with our regulations. Certain things may not be carried in your hand baggage. Further information is available on our Hand baggage and Dangerous goods pagrs.

How do I transport valuable goods?

All valuable goods like laptops, mobile phones, PDAs, fragile or perishable items (fresh and perishable foodstuffs), artwork, money, jewelry, precious metals, silverware, computers, electronic devices, securities or other valuables, negotiable papers, contracts, business documents, samples, passports and other identification documents, or any other valuables should be carried in your Hand Baggage. If you want to carry any valuables in your Checked Baggage then it is highly recommendable to declare them and pay applicable charges for proper handling.

Malawi Airlines assumes no liability for loss of any of the above items if carried as Checked Baggage.

Is there anything to look out for when transporting medication?

Prescription drugs with reasonable quantity for usage during the flight are permitted.